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Car Air Conditioning (A/C) Repair Adelaide

Air conditioning unit on the car is not only used for cooling the interior of the car but also to keep the humidity in check. In winter months, this A/C also serves to keep the windscreen free from the mist – leading to a clear vision in the foggy weather. In summer, this instrument gives a comfortable drive to the passengers and keeps the temperature inside the car in check. New-age car A/Cs have several sophisticated components – and need a skilled and experienced hand to get an all-around service. Our team of car AC specialists is always here to provide you with all the car air conditioning services you need.

The A/C of the car works like the one at your home – a compressor passes the outside air into the vehicle cabin. A coolant reduces the air temperature and adjusts the humidity – which makes for a comfortable environment in the interior. With the help of the most improved diagnostic system, our car air conditioning specialists check everything – from the vents to the wiring of the machines – so that you can get the best performance out of your car A/C.

Car Air Conditioning (A/C) Repair

Professional Air Conditioning (A/C) Service

Some of the most apparent indication of car A/C problems is the following:

  • The car is not cool enough
  • The A/C takes more than normal time to cool the interior down.
  • Airflow out of the vents is not optimal.
  • The A/C controls lag in their response.

These and other A/C problems are routinely solved by our skilled mechanics in their car air conditioning servicing. We provide the following services for our clients when we perform car ac servicing to their vehicle:

  • Checking of the coolant level and changing or replenishing it.
  • Inspecting the digital components of the A/C control.
  • Checking and overall servicing of the compressor.
  • Checking the coolant pipes for any leaks.
  • Recharging the A/C gas levels.
  • Ensuring the vents are all clog-free and working properly.
  • Running the A/C in all the operating modes and ensuring that they are running perfectly.
  • Checks for receiver-dryer contamination.
  • Checking the system pressures and cleaning the containers.

With the best mechanics and the most effective services, we are the one-stop-shop for every car A/C – related problem.

Bring your Car to AC Specialists in Adelaide

Many people believe that in Australian weather, A/C is a necessity than a luxury. However, when you consider the effort this machine experiences on a regular basis, you will understand the need for periodical checking and servicing.

  • We are the most referred company for car air conditioning repair in the market because we do not cut corners on our services and we use only the best equipment available.
  • Our skilled mechanics have the most modern diagnostic tools to find out the error code the vehicle system has detected for the A/C – and work accordingly to solve the problem.

If you are feeling that your car A/C is not cooling like before, or if the force of the incoming air is low – contact us for a comprehensive car ac service. We perform in-depth checks to find out the actual cause of the issue and solve it accordingly.
Our skilled mechanics are accustomed and practiced in all types of car ac repair – from refilling the A/C gas to overhauling the compressor. So, if your car A/C is giving trouble, you should call car repair adelaide without delay and get the most comprehensive service available.

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