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The transmission system of a car aids in the smooth gear change and running correctly on the road. Driving with a faulty transmission is dangerous, as it can betray in a moment where you cannot do anything to avoid an accident. Usually, you will notice when your clutch seems to be sticking, or it becomes harder to press or disengage the pedals. Slipping out of gear without warning is another indication of a failing clutch. Whenever you find these happening or detect any rotten smell or smoke coming from the transmission – it is time to bring it to our transmission specialist.

Automatic transmissions are more complex as they contain more components and electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic technology controls them. These sophisticated systems need careful observation and handling, and we provide that in our well-equipped and practical workshop providing car transmission service.

We are ready to service individual car owners and large business fleets at any time. Our decades of experience, the presence of skilled technicians, and access to the newest technology – make us the most preferred centre for clutch and transmission repair.

Clutch and Transmission Repair

Our Automatic Transmission And Clutch Repairs Include:

As said earlier, automatic transmission repair contains several more components than a manual one. Therefore, the repair or change will need the expertise of the most skilled and informed technicians about car transmissions. Our mechanical side of the operation has proficient mechanics who can provide the following services for automatic transmission and clutch repair:

  • Inspection, diagnosis, and repair planetary gear systems to maintain the optimum forward and reverse gear ratios
  • Checking and repairing of the hydraulic system – including the transmission fluid, oil pumps, valve body, clutch bands, and other components.
  • Inspecting the seal and gasket, which prevent the various fluids from leaking out.
  • Repairing the torque converter to effortlessly allow the car to stop while the engine is running.
  • Diagnosing, repairing, and changing the Governor, modulator, or throttle cable to monitor speed and throttle position.
  • Analysing and replacing the directing solenoids.
  • Maintaining and optimising the settings of the computer so that it can perform without a hitch.

We offer these as well as more services for the car transmission repair.

Spongy Or Slippery Clutch? Call Our Clutch & Transmission Specialist

Some indications denote that the clutch and the transmission require a checking: cushioning feeling or slipping from the grip when the clutch is applied, odd and wrong smells when you turn on the ignition, or the gear going out suddenly. We will solve the most common problems of clutch and transmission, as listed below:

Hard shifting or grinding of gears: The synchronisers prevent gear clashes or make gear change easier in a manual transmission. The brass synchronisers get worn down, creating hard shifting and grinding of gears. The same thing happens in automatic transmission, which causes uneven shifting patterns or slipping.

Wearing of Universal joints: The universal joints can wear down and cause tremors while you drive. Most of the universal joints are now sealed – so, replacing them is the single option.

The clutch and transmission face the most stress after you turn on the ignition. These vehicle components are essential and need immediate action when the problem arises, and it is better to get them checked and changed by an experienced mechanic.
With our proficient workforce, modern instruments, and constant availability – we are the perfect auto repair shop for transmission clutch repair for your car.

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