October 22, 2021

What are the most common repairs a car needs?

Car repair

Car trouble has never been so easier! Sometimes the issue you are facing is well-known to you and that’s why you need adequate maintenance to maintain its sound health. Well, have you been deceived while repairing your car? Sometimes people get charged extra and deceived while repairing their car’s parts along the way.

But a reliable auto repair shop knows the common repairs your car needs, and you have to pay minimal charges without breaking your bank! So booking trustworthy car repair services in Adelaide will give you a competitive advantage due to their renowned servicing and repairing services.

They know the thousands of common repairs of your vehicle and perform those efficiently. In today’s article, we have summed up the top 7 common repairs that your car needs. Let’s get started!

1. Air conditioning Re-gas

Upon the arrival of the summer season, we feel the necessity of ac while travelling to any location. But does it ever happen to you that when you need it in full-swing, ac of the car catches a sudden breakdown? Car ac disruption is a significant issue that may arrive out of the blue!

But several reasons are there for ac isn’t working, and it’s a common issue. The probable reason for ac dysfunctioning might be the lower availability of refrigerant gas. This gas is driven through the ac system to provide a cooling atmosphere.

If the gas amount reduces, it won’t work well. Therefore, it could be stemming from a failed component or a leak. Now, Adelaide’s car ac repair technicians will inspect the ac system thoroughly and regas it after a simple repair. It will ensure the car’s ac will keep your vehicle cool throughout the summer.

2. Replace Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Purge Control Valve

Your car’s EVAP system can collect unreacted hydrocarbons, which are accumulated inside your vehicle’s cell. After that, it then recirculated them back to its fuel cycle. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly a good way of recycling your unused fuel. This system includes a purge control valve, which controls the evaporative emission’s flow.

It has to be replaced as it is malfunctioning and, therefore, requires a repair. A car repair shop in Adelaide knows its importance and replace the purge control valve efficiently. Otherwise, your car’s engine efficiency and fuel economy will degrade.

3. Clutch Replacement

Clutch is mainly added between the transmission and engine, which lets them get disconnected after the pedal is reconnected and depressed, and when it is finally released during the time of changing gears.

When a car’s clutches don’t possess a specific time interval for replacement, they start to deteriorate eventually. And, precisely speaking, they need replacing at any certain stage in your vehicle’s entire lifetime. The transmission clutch repair is one of the most common and expensive car repairs you need to perform once.

4. Tyre Repairs and Replacement

Your car’s tyres are the staple point of contact with the road. Mainly, these are the only parts of the car that come into direct contact. Tyres are made of a soft rubber compound, and the surface of the roads are abrasive and hard. Therefore, those elements get worn out much expeditiously than anything.

That’s why replacement is mandatory to ensure it gets the most efficient contact point with the road. The general auto repair service in Adelaide helps you choose quality tyres for your on-road safety. Those quality tyres last longer and work much better than any cheap-rated tyres!

5. Oil Changes

Your car needs an oil replacement after running every 5000 km or more to keep its engine in top-notch condition. As the dirt and grimes accumulate over time in the car’s oil, it significantly reduces its capability of lubricating your engine.

Hence, it’s the most common job to learn how to perform in an auto mechanic program. When your car gets frequent oil changes, it implies it is considered more precious when you try to sell it. Adelaide’s car engine repair technicians put a sticker on your car’s windshield while reminding you of the upcoming time of oil replacement.

6. Battery Replacement

Another significant car component, which often gets slipped through the cracks until it ruins completely, is the battery. They often shatter at the worst time, leaving you helpless when you are in a hurry!

Luckily, the auto repair shop of Adelaide has mobile battery specialists who will appear anytime for battery replacement. Hence, it’s also one of the most common repairs that your car need. If you are stumped about which battery to choose for your vehicle, car mechanics can suggest you the best one.

7. Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

Taking part in a routine maintenance appointment gives your mechanics a leading chance to check and replace the cabin air filters and engine’s breakdown. In brief, replacing such parts is considered the part of car repairing, which lets you and your car perform much better on the road.


Schedule a top-notch general auto repair service appointment today and give your vehicle a chance to run smoothly on the road. Adelaide’s renowned auto repair shop always strives to get associated with the car owners to execute these common yet vital repairs.

With such a reputed partnership, it’s possible to keep your car in excellent condition without fretting over unexpected repairs and breakdowns. Whether it’s any maintenance or repairs, the motto is always to fix once and fix right!

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